[ Flames ]

Poems by CJ Wells
Among the Eagles
Black Horse
Buf­falo Bull Tail
High Raven
Long Wolf’s Shadow
Old Doll
Peach Madonna
Red Bird
She Has Many Horses
Sit­ting Bull
Snowy Owl
Spar­row Hawk
Spot­ted Hum­ming­bird
Star Bun­dle
The Bad­ger
The Buf­falo
The Crow
The Hum­ming­bird
The Ravens
The Snake
Thomas Amer­i­can Horse
Weep­ing War­rior Hum­ming­bird
Whis­pers While Walk­ing
White Buf­falo
White Wolf
Wig­gling fish
I’ve burned myself so many
I’ve learned to burn
So I could see.
The dark­ness was so
Insa­tiable it ate every­thing.
With my flames I could see,
Face after face.
Finally someone’s tears put
Out the fire.
They were not mine.
I should not shed a
Not even to cure my
own blindness.
Strange Pony

Copy­right © 2018 by CJ Wells.

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